Dr. R. Thomas Noel, M.D.

plastic surgeon

Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery

A Mommy Makeover is a group of plastic surgery procedures to address the aesthetic issues related to having children and the effects of aging on the waistline, hips, and breasts.

Dr. Noel can evaluate each patients specific needs and recommend an individualized plan. For one patient, a mommy makeover might include liposuction of the hips and waist along with a breast lift and/or breast augmentation. Others might need a tummy tuck or a mini-tummy tuck along with breast reduction. Most mommy makeovers can be performed as an outpatient, although for more extensive surgery an overnight stay might be recommended.

Optimizing Plastic Surgery

Attention to detail before, during and after surgery provides the best chance of success.

Dr. Noel will meet with you prior to your surgery date to answer all of your questions and to make sure you are ready. He will discuss things to do before and after your procedure to help obtain the best results and optimize safety.

Patients can have a great impact on the risk and success of their procedure with many common sense habits that also improve overall health and wellness.

Dr. Noel will see you frequently following your surgery.